Based in City University of Hong Kong, led by Dr. Shuaicheng LI, we are a multidisciplinary group of top-ranking and aspiring undergraduates, research assistants and Ph.D. students working tirelessly to bring you a brand-new experience in bioinformatics research that frees you from all the chores and empowers your journey of discovery.

Platform Developers

Fang Zhou

Research Assitant

Designed and developed this platform.

Feng Xikang

Ph.D. Student

Co-designed and developed this platform.

Lyu Mengxuan

Research Assitant

Helped develop this platform.

Xu Chang

Research Assitant

Designed and implemented FlowSmart.

Our Researchers

Chen Jiaxing

Ph.D. Student

Jia Wenlong

Ph.D. Student

Tan Bowen

Ph.D. Student

Zhao Zicheng

Ph.D. Student

Past Members

Zhang Lu

Postdoctoral Scholar @ Stanford

Kit Fung

Bachelor Student

Dong Wei

Research Assitant

Zhang Yanlin

Ph.D. Student @ McGill