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Deep Omics Analysis Platform

with the Focus on Cancer Studies

This DOAP is a cloud-based environment for conducting bioinformatics research. It is a central hub for research teams to store, analyze, and jointly interpret their omics and relevant data. The platform integrates analysis pipelines, omics data, and visualization tools for researchers to understand their data. Also, the platform provides user-friendly environments for developers to implement bioinformatics tools.

Biomedical Data Analysis at Scale.

Our services

Data Collection

We collected raw data from existing databases and literature including the RNA-seq data and microarray data.

Over 30 modules

Over thirty modules have been developed for data analysis. Developer could develop and publish new modules in this platform.

Analysis Tools

We provided many commonly used analysis tools to reduce the work load for module development.

Omics Language

Faster data analysis and visualization. We implemented some of the popular visualizations, to enable users to visualize their data directly from the tool.