Deep Omics
Analysis Platform

With the Focus on Cancer Studies

This DOAP is a cloud-based environment for conducting bioinformatics research. It is a central hub for research teams to store, analyze, and jointly interpret their omics and relevant data. The platform integrates analysis pipelines, omics data, and visualization tools for researchers to understand their data. Also, the platform provides user-friendly environments for developers to implement bioinformatics tools.

Our Focus

Biomedical Data Analysis at Scale.

Biomedical Data Analysis
Biomedical Data Analysis

Health care professionals, including clinical researchers could use pipelines to analysis data and view reports.

Module Development
Module Development

Technology or product developers, R&D specialist could develop and pulish analysis module online.

Health App
Health App

Anyone could upload their genome data and interpret the information by the mobile application.


Data Collection

Over 200TB data including the RNA-seq and microarray data.

Online File Manager

Online file manager and code editor supported.

Analysis Tools

Over 100 analysis softwares supported for data analysis.


A language for faster data analysis and visualization.


Biomedical Data Analysis

an integrated Oncovirus analysis platform

Module Development

a platform for bioinformatics visualization


a webserver for statistical, visual and meta-analysis of RNA editing data in mammals


a prediction tool which is developed basing on deep learning algorithms


a platform for algorithm code visualization