Delta Team

Based in City University of Hong Kong, led by Dr. Shuaicheng LI, we are a multidisciplinary group of top-ranking and aspiring undergraduates, research assistants and Ph.D. students working tirelessly to bring you a brand-new experience in bioinformatics research that frees you from all the chores and empowers your journey of discovery.

Data Analysis

Development Team

Mr. Fang Zhou Research Assistant

CityU 2015 graduate with three years of web development and testing experience.

Mr. Feng Xikang Ph.D. Student

CityU Ph.D. student with three years' django experience.

Mr. Jia Wenlong Ph.D. Student

Works in cancer bioinformatics field for eight years, now focuses on oncovirus research.

Mr. Xu Chang Research Assistant

I do a lot of stuff.

Research Team

Miss. Chen Jiaxing Ph.D. Student

Focus on gene network analysis.

Mr. Dong Wei Bachelor Student

Bachelor in Information Engineering, Electronic Engineering, CityU.

Mr. Lyu Mengxuan Bachelor Student

Bachelor in Computer Science, CityU. Data Science stream.

Mr. Tan Bowen Research Assistant

CityU 2016 graduate. Bachelor in Mathematics, CityU.

Mr. Zhang Yanlin Ph.D. Student

Build Hi-C and Population Genetics pipeline.

Mr. Zhao Zicheng Ph.D. Student

Ph.D. student

Past Members

Dr. Zhang Lu Postdoctoral Scholar, Stanford University.

Build four rna pipelines.

Mr. Kit Fung Bachelor Student

Bachelor in Computer Science, CityU. Build the gene data browser.