Gene Expression Search

Search the relate data of the specific gene (unigene id format or entrz ID format or gene symbol). We will aggregate all relate data in all dataset and show the summary.

Show the relation network between different gene (in unigene format).

Show the interaction network between different gene (in unigene format).

Show the significant gene in Chromosome/Tissue.
The bubble size is related to it expression value (Larger value, larger size)
The x axis position of each gene is arranged according to it actual position in chromosome

Project description

This project aims at creating a centralized and convenient service for researcher while dealing with the experiment data.
We will provide a quick-start for your project. You can find various visualization and data pre-processing tools in here.

The source data was downloaded from NCBI -
In order to store and aggregrate the heterogeneous data, all the data have been pre-processed and only a part of the data is used.
We covered the gene of Homo sapiens and Mus musculus, you may using our service to search the information.